Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year

Happy New Year !

Did we all have a good night?
my New Year was very quiet as me and rich both have cold *sniff* but it was nice to lay on the sofa and just relax :)

This Year I have wrote myself 8 goals what I would like to complete by this time next year 
(1) Get Dreads-- Hoping this one will be done on my birthday :)

(2) lose weight- with my illness my weight really has crept up and I need to lose them its not going to be easy with my will power!! 

(3) knit myself a cardi- have already done one for my mum but I would like to do a second

(4) get to grips with sewing machine- I really really really want to be able to make pretty things I am going to start with a patch work

...(5) do at least two cross stitches- hope I have time

(6) Open my own Etsy Shop- fingers crossed

(7) organise this house-haaa haaaa we will see on this one!

(8) eat more fruit and try and get pains to a point were I feel more human)
(9) try to cook or bake some different things

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