Saturday, 15 October 2011

this post is full of mooping a feeling sorry for one self

I have tooth ache, I didn't have tooth ache till I went to the dentist a week last Friday, he put a filling in and now I have terrible tooth ache. This tooth should have been whipped out a year ago liked I asked when I  went first time- they filled it and didn't notice the infection! Went back the second time about three days later, for a different dentist to tell me I had a horrible infection in the root, he then clean and filled it, all had been fine for 6 months till I went back to dentist for a check up, and he said it needed  a bit more filling adding to said tooth! now I'm In


I'm feeling very sorry for myself I have topped up on pain meds, what are not helping at mo! I suffer from something called FMS so I have pain every day, but toothache is totally different, I feel sorry for myself, I'm mooping and god damn it I want SYMPATHY

sorry for taking up a post will self pity and moaning, but I really really hate tooth ache, will be ringing the dentist on Monday and one way or the other this bloody tooth is coming out!!!

I'm still knitting - at the moment a secret project for a swap I'm doing on Rav in the aplayfulday podcast group :)

now going to lay on the sofa and curse dentists