Saturday, 29 May 2010

WIP on a rainy saturday afternoon

what a typical bank hoilday weekend! RAIN RAIN RAIN but im not grumbling as meant i got a day of knitting and plenty of tea drinking!

 First work in project is this HUGE crochet throw im doing for my bed its a long time project and is around 400 stitches long

and this is my FLS so so pleased with this

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Painful wednesdays

Havent posted in a while everythings is ticking along as normal, were finally enjoying some sunshine so have started to tidy up the back garden so it looks less like a mud pit and more like a garden, was going well to i busted my knee its very painful and having to hobble on my crutches typical! dos mean i have more knitting and crocething time, i have two things on the go at teh moment the first is my LFS and yes i did split the sleeves very pleased with myself! second is a nice no brainer trebble blanket just rows after rows, using up all the spare bits of yarn I ave laying around

sorry for all the typos Im a bit high with pain med lol

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Peace at last

after a busy day finally time to sit down and have some knitting time, pic is off the start of my FLC what is now much further on done two buttons just one more button hole and 13 rows before i move onto the next part, really enjoying this lefts hope it is wearable when finished!

As its been a nice day I planted my lupin seeds and there now on my window sill, tomatoes are still alive and hopefully will reover from there shaky start

Hoping you all have had a good day Clare xx

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Lazy Sunday Mornings

dont you  love a lazy Sunday! everything peaceful, a nice bug cup of tea, and radio two bliss! after been busy yesterday I did manage to cast off my baby blanket its finally done! cast on FLC  had to make two new stitch markers as it said to use 6 but its actually 8 and i only have 6, now sorted and i'm now on row 6 the start of the button hole, fingers crossed it goes well. will update with pictures when they is more to see :)

my lettuce seeds are peeping through the soil they have come up quickly they must like my kitchen windowsill.. sadly my tomatoes seem to have a problem :-( the edges of the leaves have curled im hoping they pull through! 

Today's picture is of my lovely apple tree in the front garden it is full of blossom this year :)

Clare x

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Happy May day!

1st of May hasn't it come around quickly, did many people get up to watch sunrise? I was up with the larks was  a lovely morning and me and the dogs took a walk to welcome may in was lovely as no one around at 5am best time of the day i say!  now home with a nice big cuppa while I browse the forums and blogs and do some knitting :) while listening to Jonathan Ross on Radio two

today's plan is finish of my heart baby blanket so i can cast of cardi still very nervous think they may be lots of frogging in my future but you never know  but as my little pic says ...If life was easy..where would all the adventures be?

right of I go finish this blanket off have a lovely bank hoilday weekend Clare xx