Friday, 21 January 2011

 I needed some colour today so I have found all my favourite pictures of my bulbs last year, there just starting to peep through the soil at the moment so I'm hoping I will soon be able to open my front door and be greeted to all this colour!

I've been busy knitting and crocheting various things this week I have just finished a stripey crochet scarf for my brothers birthday, will upload some pics once I find my cable, I know its around here somewere!

I have now started on a pair of Suzies reading mitts for my friend in same colour I did mine in she liked them so much she had to have a pair!!

Im also planning a few things to sell over on Etsy just to fund my wool addiction hee hee

Right the dogs are all sat at the door giving me the puppy eyes must be time for walkies take care and

Run mad as often as you choose; but do not faint."
--Jane Austen, "Love and Freindship"

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Hello my darlings, I'm very happy to be able to sit down and do a post I apologise for my absence I have caught the dreaded Flu *cough* but im on the mend so I've made myself a cuppa and settled down for a couple mins here in blogland. How are we all? getting over the holidays?

I have been a busy little bee getting various things finished or started my first thing to show you tonight is my dead fish hat, It has been fun watching it take shape and its now swimming its way to my friend down south hope he likes it!!

The pattern is from Knitty and can be found here

also took the plunge and bought some Cupcake fabric to try *fingers crossed* and make myself something on the sewing machine have decided to try and make a bag even though when I saw it I did think it would make a really sweet skirt but thats a bit out of my experience so I will stick with a cut bag for now

and last picture has nothing to do with knitting or sewing but I just Love these tights, Im normally a fleece and jeans girl but im having a change this week and have a piny dress on and these woonderful tights

Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year

Happy New Year !

Did we all have a good night?
my New Year was very quiet as me and rich both have cold *sniff* but it was nice to lay on the sofa and just relax :)

This Year I have wrote myself 8 goals what I would like to complete by this time next year 
(1) Get Dreads-- Hoping this one will be done on my birthday :)

(2) lose weight- with my illness my weight really has crept up and I need to lose them its not going to be easy with my will power!! 

(3) knit myself a cardi- have already done one for my mum but I would like to do a second

(4) get to grips with sewing machine- I really really really want to be able to make pretty things I am going to start with a patch work

...(5) do at least two cross stitches- hope I have time

(6) Open my own Etsy Shop- fingers crossed

(7) organise this house-haaa haaaa we will see on this one!

(8) eat more fruit and try and get pains to a point were I feel more human)
(9) try to cook or bake some different things