Thursday, 22 December 2011

Wow I'm so bad at updating this Blog! I came across this link on a blog I follow and feel I should share blogging without obligation I started this blog to come in and track what I'm knitting really need to get a bit more organised!

I came down with flu this week so I'm reallyyyy behind on my Christmas knits, but I'm nearly there thankfully, hoping to be back to normal for Christmas day at my Mums hopefully!

The tea cosie is one I finished for a swap a month ago, I loved this tea cosie and really didn't want to send it away! the Apron is made by my next door neighbour, I was going to sew my own, but I really need to go to some classes as my sewing on a machine is terrible!

I really Hope you all Have a wonderful Christmas, and the very Best New Year, be merry enjoy time with friends and family

Love from Me x

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Mr Ferret Stole my heart

Mr Ferret Stole my heart, is based on Mr Fox Stole My Heart from LittleOwlKnits, It was made for a friend of mine, and I loved making this guy and I want to make a proper Fox for me! maybe a black one .....

I'm doing a swap at a moment got to knit a tea cosie I love making Tea cosys <3

Hope your all well! have you started your Christmas Knits yet? I have eekkkk!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

this post is full of mooping a feeling sorry for one self

I have tooth ache, I didn't have tooth ache till I went to the dentist a week last Friday, he put a filling in and now I have terrible tooth ache. This tooth should have been whipped out a year ago liked I asked when I  went first time- they filled it and didn't notice the infection! Went back the second time about three days later, for a different dentist to tell me I had a horrible infection in the root, he then clean and filled it, all had been fine for 6 months till I went back to dentist for a check up, and he said it needed  a bit more filling adding to said tooth! now I'm In


I'm feeling very sorry for myself I have topped up on pain meds, what are not helping at mo! I suffer from something called FMS so I have pain every day, but toothache is totally different, I feel sorry for myself, I'm mooping and god damn it I want SYMPATHY

sorry for taking up a post will self pity and moaning, but I really really hate tooth ache, will be ringing the dentist on Monday and one way or the other this bloody tooth is coming out!!!

I'm still knitting - at the moment a secret project for a swap I'm doing on Rav in the aplayfulday podcast group :)

now going to lay on the sofa and curse dentists

Monday, 26 September 2011

eeekkk has it been over a month since I posted *blush*

I have been very busy with life recently.

I'm still here, busy knitting, sewing, crocheting, I will do a longer post soon I promise!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Goose Feather pen

I had an idea a while ago and I have been mulling it over for a while and today I finally got around to making it, Ladies and Gentleman I introduce to you my First even GOOSE FEATHER PEN!

I have used a Biro so you have the loveliness of writing with a goose feather but the practical side that it can be used anywhere without the need for ink, after I have tried this out for myself and got a few friends to road test them for me, I will be making a few of these to sell :)

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Just popping by

Just popping in, I'm sat in the car waiting for R who is chatting, its raining here at the moment but so fresh a nice change from the horrid muggy heat we have had! I have lost my mojo slightly with knitting, I am plodding along with my swallow tail, but nothing is really hitting the spot craft wise at moment,hoping that changes before long.

Well he's back so I will dissapear for now


Thursday, 28 July 2011

Lucy Bag nearly finished :)

Its nearly done, loose ends to sort, sew the lining in as its just pinned at the moment, but I'm in love its going to be the best shopping bag in town!!