Wednesday, 24 November 2010

yucky weather you stink!

Its Horrible, dull and damp here in East Yorkshire today its very sad, I don't mind a crisp cold, but this damp cold really gets into my joints and causes me all kinds of problems, but never fear I'm not going to spend a whole post moaning

I thought this post I would explain why I go by the name Tilly were in fact my name is Clare...

well for as long as I can remember its been a family nickname for me Tilly Marie, I don't know where it came from there is rumours its after the book Tilly trotter by Catherine Cookson, as I have long curly brown hair, and Im a bit of tomboy, but its always been Tilly and I actually prefer it to Clare, so that's why on forums, and blogs I'm Tilly

while I'm doing a post totally not on crafting I will also tell you about FMS, I was diagnosed last year when my health took a huge nose dive, actually it crashed and burned into a side of a mountain then nose dived into the ground! I went from cycling to work 7 miles each way, walking my dogs, 4 miles each day and beating for local shoots on the hilliest parts of Yorkshire, to not been able to walk without aide, not been able to walk some days at all, feeling exhausted, and been in constant pain, Im hoping one day I will be able to get back to the normal me, but its going to be a long hard slug.

It was actually due to my health that I took up Kniiting again as it keeps my brain busy when my body cant cope with it :)

Sorry for  rambling but thought I would cast some light on who I am :)

Thanks for reading

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  1. Hi Tilly
    Thanks for sharing that with us hun.
    I can relate to it all unfortunately!
    Anytime you fancy a have a one.
    Good luck with the knitting hun!
    x x x