Thursday, 11 November 2010

Current works in progress

I really havent been keeping this up to date and I apolgise my FMS has been very bad and I just want to hide myself away when its this bad but the pain has gone back to normal every day pain,  I have been crafting (keeping me sane)

The first pic is of a lavander bag for my grannies xmas present I have not sewn anything for around 10 years so Im quite pleased with this little bag

But it now has me itching to do more, so for both Grandads I'm going to hankies with names on :) think a sewing machine might be in my future to!

second thing to show today is my mums scarf Im just loving it very easy pattern for a great effect its a rav pattern but can be found on this blog for non Rav users

Havea  great Weekend everyone I will try and post sunday

Clare xx

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  1. ((hugs)) gentle on yourself hun!
    Karen x x x