Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Late 1800's Lady
I was reading  Tilly Rose Blog and her wonderful article about the age gone by from the elgant 1850's to the swinging 20's and the whole elegance of the eras, in todays world its jeans and t shirts then it was pretty knitted items and hand sewn dresses, what happened when did we stop spending the time on ourselfs? 

I mean look at this lady <<< very elegant, don't you think?  For me the draw is the Romance of the time gone by I LOVE the elegant dresses, the fine   crocheted shawls. the beautifully decorated hats

Early 1800's
So what's stopping us girls putting some elegance back into our days? It could be something as simple as a beautifully hand knitted Lace scarf, or even a gorgeous scrummy capelet like this wonderful lady is wearing

So come on girls lets bring some Vintage into our days! 

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