Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Rainy Tuesdays

Good Morning on this miserable Tuesday Morning, I hope it finds you well? I'm working on something for myself for a change, the fish hats are finally finished thank god! my scarf has been on the go for ages, so hopefully as long as no one asks for something it will be finally finished HURRAAHH

Its been hard to get started this last week due to my FMS and CFS playing up, its terrible they are days I lie in bed mentally preparing myself for the pain of getting out of bed but, I look at the bigger picture of things happening in the world and get up and move

lets have a bit of a singalong- this is playing at the moment -The Killers- Human, never fails to cheer me up first thin in the morning as I sip the first cup of tea of the day.

time to pop to the postoffice have a good day what ever you may be doing dears

Tilly xx

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