Sunday, 2 May 2010

Lazy Sunday Mornings

dont you  love a lazy Sunday! everything peaceful, a nice bug cup of tea, and radio two bliss! after been busy yesterday I did manage to cast off my baby blanket its finally done! cast on FLC  had to make two new stitch markers as it said to use 6 but its actually 8 and i only have 6, now sorted and i'm now on row 6 the start of the button hole, fingers crossed it goes well. will update with pictures when they is more to see :)

my lettuce seeds are peeping through the soil they have come up quickly they must like my kitchen windowsill.. sadly my tomatoes seem to have a problem :-( the edges of the leaves have curled im hoping they pull through! 

Today's picture is of my lovely apple tree in the front garden it is full of blossom this year :)

Clare x

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