Monday, 12 October 2009

So this is my new blog welcome to what will become the very strange workings of my brain, I'm Clare I live in East Yorkshire I am a knitter, rocker and animal mad I am Housegirlfriend to Rich my O/H of 7 years

I live in a little village we have no pub but we do have an army camp and lots of hedgehogs!

Today I have been extrmley lazy as I am full of cold, so it has been cheesy american comedys and lots of cup of teas, how is it till your ill you never notice how borning day time telly really is??

I mean its either repeats from 10 years ago or some programe that was never good enough for mainstream!

I have senna booked in for her hip scoring on wednesday and then fingers crossed in decembe for the tiny pitter patter of tiny NI;s yes I am very very excited she isnt even mated yet and I am already thinking of names

so a trip over to Manchester is on the cards next week!

Now off to bed and to winge that I'm feeling poorly what a Baby I am

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